Two coats of paint

A business tenant served notice on his landlord to use the break option in the lease, and bring it to an end ten years early.  Before he left, he spent a lot on repairs and other work, to leave the place perfect.  He did such a good job that the landlord couldn’t find any fault with it at all.

He’d given the landlord a set of paperwork showing all the work that had been done, and somewhere in all that the landlord found a decorator’s invoice, for painting the interior with two coats of paint.  The lease required three.

That meant that the break option, which was conditional on the tenant complying with all its lease obligations, hadn’t worked.  The tenant had to pay rent for the next ten years, and all because of one missing coat of paint.

It didn’t have to happen that way.  Mistakes were made back when the lease was originally agreed, and they eventually came home to roost.

Author: Mark Shelton