About The Lease Guide

The Lease Guide is authored by Mark Shelton.


Mark worked in major commercial law firms for 29 years.  He is an expert in the field of commercial property management, and has acted for a range of clients from FTSE100 investment companies and major household-name retailers, through to small businesses and individuals. 

He has conducted a wide range of commercial property disputes, acting both for landlords and for tenants, including recovery of rent and other sums, damages for disrepair, disputes over landlords’ unreasonable refusal of consent, forfeiture of leases, service charge disputes and lease renewals. He is now a non-practising solicitor.

Comments received from clients along the way include:

“Your succinct and common sense approach has been very much appreciated…”

“I was most impressed with his handling of the case and at all times remained confident that the good hands that we were in would lead to a successful solution”

Colleagues have said:

“Mark has been the mainstay of the property litigation team for many years, and has been a reliable point of reference… a duty he has discharged with great good humour and common sense”

“He is well regarded by colleagues as well as clients and he manages to cope with a large number and wide variety of cases… he has made a valuable contribution”

Mark now works as a commercial property management law trainer, putting his expertise and experience to good use in training both lawyers and surveyors, and is a contributor to leading legal and property publications. 

Feedback received includes:

“Mark Shelton makes commercial property litigation really interesting and understandable”

“The best course I’ve been on in a very long time”

“Mark provided two full days of excellent material – presented in a user-friendly way with excellent course documentation”

“Great knowledge and presentation”

The motivation behind The Lease Guide was a desire to see that small businesses taking a lease should be provided with helpful and practical guidance on the effect of common terms in leases, and the opportunities and pitfalls presented by the legal framework, but in an understandable and digestible format.

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